Conference Theme

Integration of Geology and Engineering to Improve the Efficiency of Exploration and 
Development of Complex Oil and Gas Reservoirs


Session 1    Field Geophysics Well Logging

Session 2    Reservoir Exploration Technology

Session 3    Petroliferous Basins Evaluation and Oil & Gas Accumulation

Session 4    Fine Reservoir Description

Session 5    Complex Reservoir Percolation Theory and Numerical Simulation

Session 6    Reservoir Drilling & Completion

Session 7    Oil & Gas Production Engineering

Session 8    Enhanced Oil Recovery in Oil & Gas Fields

Session 9    Oil and Gas Field Chemical Technology

Session 10    Complex Reservoir Dynamic Monitor and Analysis

Session 11    Efficient Development of Low Permeability/ Tight Oil & Gas Reservoir

Session 12    Deep and Ultra Deep Reservoirs Exploration and Development

Session 13    Conglomerate reservoir Exploration and Development

Session 14    Shale Oil & Gas Exploration and Development

Session 15    Coalbed Methane Exploration and Development

Session 16    Geothermal Resources Exploration and Development

Session 17    Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Oil &Gas Field

Session 18    Gas Storage Construction

Session 19    Resources Management and Evaluation Technology


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