PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company(Xinjiang conglomerate reservoir Laboratory)

Xi'an Shiyou University

Shaanxi Petroleum Society



Heilongjiang Petroleum Society

Geological Exploration Committee of Sichuan Petroleum Society

Youth Working Committee of China Petroleum Society

Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.

PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company

PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield company

Sinopec North China Petroleum Bureau

BGP INC., China National Petroleum Corporation

China Petroleum Logging Co., Ltd.

National Energy Research and Development Center for Sustainable Exploitation of Old Continented Sandstone Oilfields

Western Low Permeability - Ultra Low Permeability Reservoir Development and Management of the Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center

State Key Laboratory of Special Technology of EOR in Shaanxi Province

Unconventional Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Collaborative Innovation Center in Shaanxi Province

State Key Laboratory of Seepage and Rock Mechanics of Oil and Gas Wells and Reservoirs in Shaanxi Province

Heilongjiang Key Laboratory of Reservoir Physics and Seepage Mechanics

State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploration

CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company Limited

CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited

Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Company

Sinopec Northwest China Petroleum Bureau

Key Laboratory of Enhanced Oil Recovery for Fractured Vuggy Reservoirs, Sinopec

National Engineering Laboratory for Exploration and Development af Low Permeability Oil and Gas Fields

CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch

Sinochem Petroleum Exploration & Production Co., Ltd.

Yanchang Oilfield Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Petroleum and Petrochemical Society

PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company



College of Petroleum Engineering, Xi’an Shiyou University PetroChina Conglomerate Reservoir Exploration and Development Key Laboratory
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Petroleum Society Petroleum Engineering Professional Committee, Shaanxi Petroleum Society
Xinjiang Shale Oil Exploration and Development Key Laboratory Xi'an Sinoline Petroleum Science & Technology Co., LTD.

Journal support


Springer Nature Petroleum Exploration and Development
Petroleum Geology & Experiment Daqing Petroleum Geology and Exploration
Logging Technology Special Oil and Gas Reservoir
Lithologic Reservoir Fault Block Oil & Gas Field
Petroleum Drilling Technology Oil and Gas Well Testing
Mud Logging Engineering Oil and Gas Geology and EOR
Xinjiang Petroleum Geology Journal of Xi’an Shiyou University

Media support


Upstream Oil & Gas News HXAN
China Petroleum Daily China Chemical Industry News
China Reform Daily Science and Technology Daily

Academic Committee


Position Name Company Title
Chairman Sun Longde Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician
Derek Elsworth National Academy of Engineering Academician
Jin Mingquan Shaanxi Petroleum Society Board Director
Li Tiantai Xi'an Shiyou University Principal
Yang Yue Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd. Board Chairman

Technical Program Committee


Position Name Company
Chairman Sun Longde Chinese Academy of Egineering
Derek Elsworth National Academy of Engineering
(According to the
Phonetic Sequence)
Li Tiantai Xi'an Shiyou University
Wang Xiangzeng Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.
Jin Mingquan Shaanxi Petroleum Society

Organization Committee


Position Name
Chairman Li Hua
Vice-Chairman Zhou Desheng, Tang Tianzhi
(Phonetic Sequence)
Dong Hao, Liu Zhikun, Li Lin, Lu Lijun,Sun Huizhu, Sun Nan, Wang Qi, Wang Xueqing, Zhang Rongjun

Members (According to the Phonetic Sequence)


Name Company
Bian Dezhi Petrochina Overseas Exploration & Development Co.
Cai Dongsheng China National Offshore Oil Corporation
Chang Xuejun Jidong Oil Field Company, PetroChina
Chen Junbin Xi'an Petroleum Univesrity
Chen Sheng Petrochina Coalbed Methane Company Limited
Chen Xiang Henan Oilfield Company, Sinopec
Cheng Xiaojun Northwest Oilfield Company, Sinopec
Deng Zhiwen BGP INC.,China National Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.
Feng Wenyan Hainan Fushan Oilfield Exploration and Development Co., Ltd.
E. Amadasun Xiletek Partners
Dark Jeremiah Feddo Pty Ltd
F. N. Pebdani Reservoir Transformation Group
G. S. Basta Scimitar & 3 DOS Global Energy
Guo Qingan Sinopec East China Oil & Gas Branch
Hao Shiyan Research Institute, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.
Hu Dongfeng Sinopec Exploration Company
Guo Xusheng Sinopec Exploration Branch
Hu Guangjie Norhtwest Oilfield Company, Sinopec
Hu Lingzhi Petrochina Yumen Oilfield Company
Hu Wenge Norhtwest Oilfield Company, Sinopec
Huo Jin Xinjiang Oilfield Company, CNPC
Jing Fengjiang CNOOC
Li Jianqing CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute
Li Zhongxing Changqing Oilfield Company, CNPC
Liang Xing Zhejiang Oilfield Company, CNPC
Lu Xinbian Northwest Oilfield Company, Sinopec
Luo Donghong Shenzhen Company, CNOOC
Lv Chuanbing Huabei Oilfield Co., Ltd. CNPC
Minh Vo Chevron
M. N. Akbar University of Miskolc
O. J. Emeka Society of Petroleum Engineers
Peng Xian Southwest Oil&Gas Fild Company, CNPC
Qin Minjun Logging Co., Ltd.CNPC
Sun Jian Jianghan Oilfield Company Sinopec
Tang Jiandong Jiangsu Oilfield Company,Sinopec
Tang Lei Sinochem Petroleum E&D Co., Ltd.
Tang Tianzhi Logging Co., Ltd.CNPC
Wang Lushan Shengli Oilfield Company, Sinopec
Wang Zuwen Changqing Downhole Operation Company, CNPC
Wei Zhaosheng Jilin Oilfield Company, CNPC
Wen Shengming Petrochina Coalbed Methane Company Limited
Wu Chao COSL
Wu Xi Dagang Oilfield Company, CNPC
Xie Ronghua Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd. CNPC
Zeng Zhiqing Great Wall Drilling Company
Zhang Daowei Qinghai Oilfield Company,CNPC
Zhang Hongan Zhongyuang Oilfield Company, Sinopec
Zhang Tongyi Engineering Research Institute,Sinopec
Zheng Mingke Changqing Oilfield Company, CNPC
Zheng Zhongwei Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.
Zhou Bo Turpan-Hami Oilfield Company, CNPC
Zhou Wen Chengdu University of Technology
Zhu Guojin Exploration and Development Branch, Research Institute, CNOOC
Zhu Libin Bohai Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd. CNPC

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