IFEDC Statement

IFEDC Statement


1.IFEDC assumes no obligation for authors’ expenses for travel, lodging, food or other incidental expenses incurred for their participation of the event.

2.To authors: An agreement to present a paper at the conference carries an obligation to participate in the event.

3.All authors of papers presented at the conference will be required to submit a copyright release to IFEDC.

4.No Presentation Policy: The failure of IFEDC conference authors to have at least one designated individual present the paper at the conference will result in the conference paper being permanently withdrawn from the technical paper.

IFEDC Committee

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  • Fax: 86-29-88272254
  • IFEDC experts of oil & gas Linkedin : info@ifedc.org

Contact us

  • Email(papers): paper(a)ifedc.org
  • Email(IFEDC general information): info(a)ifedc.org
  • Email(sponsor and exhibition): mt(a)hxan.com