Call for Attendees

Call for Attendees


  1. Dear industry colleagues,
    The 2018 International Field Exploration & Development Conference (IFEDC 2018) will be held on 18-20 September 2018 in Xi’an, China and will be the major leading conference in the field of oil & gas exploration and development in China.

    Conference Highlights
    1.World leading Industry Technologies from China
        ·Smart layered water pulsation injection technology, which could reduce operating costs greatly and increase recovery significantly;
        ·Latest advance in ASP compound and polymer flooding research;
        ·Precedent liquid explosive and hydraulic fracturing technology;
        ·The latest technologies in seismic data interpretation;
        ·Rich experiences in oil and gas well testing&well test interpretation models;
        ·Advanced reservoir evaluation and management.
    2.World Top Level Specialists' Presentations
    Such as Fikri J. Kuchuk(Schlumberger Fellow, a SPE Distinguished and Honorary Member), ZHOU Shou-wei(Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Expert in Offshore Oil Development Engineering, Professor Senior Engineer.),Dr Alireza Bashari,(the President of Iranian Society of Petroleum Geology),2. Dr.Luis Quinter(HALLIBURTON, Chief Advisor, Production Management, SPWLA President) et al.

    Why Attend IFEDC2018?
    Attendees expand their knowledge and skills through an extensive technical program, a dynamic exhibition, and numerous networking opportunities. IFEDC 2018 includes:
        ·300+ technical presentations;
        ·1 plenary, 1 panel and 10 special sessions;
        ·Gather professionals widely from the industry;
        ·65% participators come from four major petroleum companies of China;
        ·An opening keynote session on reservoir monitoring and dynamic description;
        ·The Latest Industry Technologies from China.


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