About Chengdu

Introduction of Chengdu


Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province in China, has been recognized as “the land of abundance” for a long time. With rich cultural heritage, Chengdu is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in China. People who once step into the land of Chengdu city will quickly fall in love with life there.

Chengdu is a city where one comes and doesn’t want to leave. There are many famous scenic spots such as Jingli, Kuanzai Street, Tianfu Square and Chengdu Panda Base. In Chengdu, one can not only enjoy shopping in Tianfu square, walking on the ancient streets and buy souvenirs in traditional houses or stores on Jingli and Kuangzai Street, but also play with cute pandas and help feed their cubs in the Panda Base. Furthermore, watching a Sichuan Opera Show will also provide a newcomer with unforgettable and precious memories. The delicate face-changing in Sichuan Opera has become a symbol of Sichuan culture.

Scenic Spot


Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda

Temple of Marquis

Tiantai Mountain

Dujiangyan Irrigation System


Du Fu Thatched Cottage



The climate in Chengdu September is pleasant, less precipitation, moderate temperature. The average temperature is 19 ℃(66.2℉)- 25 ℃(77℉)

Average daytime temperature is 25 ℃(77℉), it is recommended to wear linen fabric shirts, thin dress, thin T-shirt and other cool breathable clothes.

Average temperature at night is 19 ℃(66.2℉), it is recommended to wear short-sleeved cotton and linen fabric suits, T-shirts, thin denim shirt pants, casual clothes, professional suits and other comfortable clothes.



The standard electricity supplied in China is 220 V/50 HZ.



In any emergencies, please call 110.

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