Conference Theme

Efficient Development of Oil and Gas Driven by Surveillance Technology


Session 1    Reservoir Exploration

Session 2    Reservoir Drilling & Completion

Session 3    Field Geophysics Well Logging

Session 4    Petroliferous Basins Evaluation and Oil & Gas Accumulation

Session 5    Fine Reservoir Description

Session 6    Complex Reservoir Percolation Theory and Numerical Simulation

Session 7    Complex Reservoir Dynamic Monitor and Analysis

Session 8    Efficient Development of Low Permeability/ Tight Oil & Gas Reservoir

Session 9    Shale Oil & Gas Exploration and Development

Session 10   Fracture-Vuggy Reservoir Exploration and Development

Session 11    Enhanced Oil Recovery of Mature Oil Fields in High Water Cut Period

Session 12    Heavy Oil Reservoirs Enhanced Oil Recovery

Session 13    Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Oil &Gas Field Development

Session 14    Coalbed Methane Exploration and Development

Session 15    Resources Management and Evaluation Technology

Session 16    Formation Mechanism and Prediction of Deep Carbonate Reservoir

Session 17    Unconventional Resources Exploration and Development


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