Training Course

Practical Well Test Analysis


Instructor(s): Prof. Jiaen Lin

Course Description:

We now arrange 3 days’ training courses with title “Practical Well Test Analysis”. This course will provide an understanding of the state-of-the-art of well testing, including the well test analysis techniques in the tight and ultra-tight reservoir development and for a well in a multi-well system without or with water injection. Learn the detailed process from well-testing model selection and design to data acquisition, validation, and interpretations for different types of reservoirs.

Laptops are required. Problems will be solved using the powerful well test analysis platform with all conventional reservoir models and unconventional reservoir models as well as multi-well models, which will be provided for being installed in your lap computer for Three months’ your free using if needed.

Course Outline:

 1.Introduction to Well Testing
 2.Basis of Well Testing
 3.Analysis Methods
 4.Gas Well Tests
 5.Multi- well Test Analysis
 6.Reservoir Characterization – Pressure Derivative Analysis
 7.Unconventional Reservoir Well Tests
 8.How to Perform Well Tests

Training Date:

23-25 September 2020.

We could arrange the training course date or content according to the application.

Training Location:

Xi'an, China

Course Contact:

For more information,please download IFEDC 2017 training Course Registration Form or contact info(a)

Biography of Jiaen Lin

Lin Jiaen, a professor at Xi'an Shiyou University. He holds PhD degree in Mechanics from Tsinghua University, an MS degree from Petroleum University, Beijing and a BS degree from Southwestern Petroleum Institute, both in petroleum engineering, He gotten English training for one year in Dept. of Foreign Language, Eastern China Normal University, Shanghai.. He worked as a visiting scholar at University of Houston, USA for one year during 2011-2012 and at Herio-Watt University, UK for half a year in 1998. He worked as petroleum engineer in Xinjiang Petroleum Administration Bureau from 1983-1996 and late worked with Xi'an Shiyou University.

Prof. Lin with more than 30 years of extensive experience with national oil producing companies and university, including reservoir description, reservoir engineering, well test analysis, reservoir information management, prediction of production performance, multi-phase fluid flow in porous media and numerical simulation. Over 30 papers published by Prof. Lin in academic journals and conferences. Prof. Lin also holds two patents and is the author of the book “Practical Well Test Analysis”, which was published by Petroleum Industry in 1996 Press. He taught  courses including "Reservoir Engineering", "Well Test Analysis" and "Oil Production Engineering". 

Prof. Lin is a Leader of more than 20 research projects related to well test data interpretation, reservoir engineering and reservoir evaluation from PetroChina, Sinopec and Cnooc in recent 10 years. He created a center for reservoir engineering at the Xian Shiyou University. The team has achieved two important results related to reservoir engineering software. One is Well Test Analysis Software and the other is Web-Based Reservoir Surveillance Information Application System, these softwares have be widely used by many oilfields in China.

Publications (some)

1. Lin, J.E., Yang, H.Z.:“Analysis of Well Test Data from a Well in a Multi-well Reservoir with Water Injection”, SPE 110349 presented at the 2007 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition

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Software Publication

1.SWIFT Well Test Analysis Software  

2.Web-Based Reservoir Monitoring Information Application System   


Projects Hosted by Jiaen Lin  in recent 10 years

2016-2017(1.6yrs)  Optimization of  Hydraulic Fracturing Technology for Low Permeability Reservoirs in Different Reservoir Types and Different Development Stages, supported by Jidong Oilfiled Branch Company of PetroChina.

2015(1yrs)  Research on the DynamicAnalysis of Mult-layer Gas Field, supported by CNOOC Limited.

2014(1yrs)  Research on the optimization and application of well testing model for low permeability reservoir, supported by Dagang Oilfiled Branch Company of PetroChina.

2014(1yrs)  The Productivity Evaluation Research of The lower Paleozoic Gas Reservoir Ma Five 4+5  in Southern District of Sulige, supported by Changqing Oilfiled Branch Company of PetroChina.

2013(1yrs)  Transient Well Test Analysis Technology Research for A Horizontal Well in Low permeability Reservoir, supported by Changqing Oilfiled Branch Company of PetroChina.

2013(1yrs)  No-Darcy Porous Flow Well Test Analysis Technology Research for A Well in Low permeability Formation, supported by Dagang Oilfiled Branch Company of PetroChina.

2012(1yrs)  Study of Multiphase Well Productivity Testing and Its Data Interpretation Methods of Yingdong Oilfield, supported by Qinghai Oilfiled Branch Company of PetroChina.

2010-2012(2yrs)  SWIFT Well Test Analysis Software Platform funded by China National Innovation Fund for Technology Based Firms.

2010-2011(2yrs) Tuha Oilfield Reservoir Performance Monitoring Database Platform Development, supported by Tuha Oilfiled Branch Company of PetroChina. 

2007-2009(2yrs)   Well test data interpretation and reservoir evaluation for Qilichun Oilfield,, supported by Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Corp. Ltd.

2007-2008(1yr)   Dynamic analysis system of Gas reservoir, supported by Changqing Oilfield Coporation of Petrochina. 

2006-2008(2yrs)  Web-Based Reservoir Monitoring Information Application System Platform, funded by China National Innovation Fund for Technology Based Firms. 

2007.1-12(1yr)   Investigation of low permeability formation well test interpreation techniques, supported by Xinjiang Zhundong Petro Co.Ltd.  

2005-2006(1yr)  Investigation of Deep formation test techniques and data interpretation software, supported by Shengli Oilfield Coporation of Sinopec.

2005-2006(1yr)   Determining the well test interpretation models of Xifeng Oilfield, supported by Changqing Oilfield Coporation of Petrochina.

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