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2019 International Field Exploration & Development Conference (IFEDC) will be held on 16-18 Oct. 2019 in Xi’an, China and become a major leading conference in the field of oil & gas exploration and development in China.



Conference Highlights



1.the world leading industry technology from following 10 subject sessions


▶ Low permeability reservoir

▶ Unconventional Tight&Shale Oil Reservoir

▶ Unconventional Heavy Oil and Coal Bed Gas

▶ Digital and Intelligent Oilfield

▶ Reservoir Dynamic Analysis

▶ Oil&Gas Reservoir Surveillance and Management

▶ Oil and Gas Reservoir Evaluation and Modelling

▶ Drilling and Production Operation

▶ Enhancement of Recovery

▶ Oil and Gas Reservoir Exploration

2. the world top specialists' presentations


▶ Professor Derek Elsworth

Energy and Mineral Engineering & Geosciences, EMS Energy Institute and G3 Center, Pennsylvania State University

▶ Academician ZOU Cai-neng

China Unconventional Geology Research

Chinese Academy of Science, Oil and Natural Gas Geologist, Theory Founder of Unconventional Reservoir Geology and Energy Strategy Research

VP of Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, China Petro

Director of National Shale Gas Research (Lab) Center

▶ Academician Saule Aidarova

Kazakh-British Technical University, Academician of National Academy of Nature Science

▶ Mr. ZHANG Dong-xiao

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

▶ Principal ZHAO Jin-zhou

Southwest Petroleum University

3. Why Attend IFEDC2019 ?


450+ technical presentations;

Join the keynote session with 5 international leaders from petroleum sector;

10 subject sessions with professionals and ePosters;

Available chance to know 2000 participants including professors, specialists, engineers and research directors mainly from 4 oil majors of China and abroad;

Discover the new advances and advantage of the latest industry technology from China.



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